Hi, I make things easy to use. How?

Agile - I point to get fast release-feedback-fix cycles with intra-weekly demos, I proceed step-by-step avoiding the fallbacks of monolithic projects.
Interdisciplinary - I can talk to designers, programmers and management about the same things and make them communicate with each other.
Experienced - I'm in this field for more than 15 years. I've worked for different kinds of companies and organizations, by myself or with SCRUM or remote teams using a wide variety of technologies.
Easy-going - No tie (beside the occasional bow tie) and no formalities. I prefer discussing about a project while having a coffee rather than a boring meeting. I'm always positive and I'll try to pass this feeling on to you.

Recent projects

Hue, the open source Hadoop UI

Hue is a Web interface for analyzing data with Apache Hadoop.

Napkee, make your mockups come alive!

Balsamiq Mockups to Twitter Bootstrap at a click of a button.

Socialcontrol, the open source twitter monitor

Save all the tweets of the accounts you want to monitor.

€ 140 / hour

Transparent - I just have one hourly rate. You can check online the tasks I've worked on and the current costs of your project. Let's talk!